boy/beautiful kate

by elizestrydom


‘There are some people in this world who you can just love and love and love no matter what.’ – John Green

We met when I was shooting a wedding almost four years ago. I knew then that I wanted this boy in my life for always. We’ve never lived in the same city but it has never mattered. It’s one of those friendships that can be placed in one spot and returned to a month or two later as if no time has passed. There’s much comfort in a shared past and common memories and there’s a knowing that only comes through countless conversations, hours spent side by side and an unspoken commitment to the other, come what may.

I was captured by beautiful Kate’s image before I met her in the flesh; such an elegant, mysterious creature she was. I can safely say I’ve never come across anyone quite like her. Gentle and serene, observant and intelligent, wide eyed and playful. I find her endlessly fascinating and I’m eager to discover more of her essence.