father’s day

by elizestrydom


A few months back dad was flown to Sydney for emergency surgery. The urgency of it all left me a little shaken. It’s quite destabilising to see your parents sick or in trouble; they’ve always been the strong ones and I’ve been the one who needs looking after. For as long as he’s alive (and sometime after, I should think) he’ll be the embodiment of ‘dad’ and I’ll love and respect him for it. But I’ve observed a transition in our relationship over the last few years. There has been a gradual letting go, a separation. Perhaps that is just what happens when you grow up? Regardless, it has left me adrift. The clear, solid parameters of our relationship and the perception of him as my safety net seem to have faded; not disappeared, but faded, certainly. Must love be so complicated? I’ve come to expect it from relationships but love is bigger than that. Surely love, simple love, can untangle the knots and smooth over the cracks?