all day dreaming

by elizestrydom

A few days ago I saw Xavier Rudd play in Byron. It was a pretty idyllic afternoon. An outdoor amphitheatre, people relaxing on picnic blankets, little children chasing each other through the crowd and the warm spring sun slowly sinking. I don’t own any of Xavier’s records but I enjoy seeing him live; the man knows how to bring the good vibes. The reason I went along was to see Merryn, the girl I’ve been photographing this week, sing on stage with him. When the time came, I had run out of film to capture it, although I’m quite sure that memory is safe with Merryn.

The experience reminded me of last year’s Surry Hills Festival. It was another one of those magical, dreamy afternoons when the sun was shining, good friends were side by side and the music being played on stage was providing the perfect soundtrack. I remember we danced like idiots to Jinja Safari; shoes off, hair flying, big grins on sweaty faces. I’ll never forget my friend Jonny leading the crowd in some sort of spontaneous tribal dance.

These are the beautiful days.