by elizestrydom


I used to buy many, many magazines each month but eventually it all became too overwhelming. I was confronted with far too may images, products and ways of living. I stopped appreciating them but at the same time I constantly craved the next and the newest issue.

These days I stick to a few choice publications – Kinfolk, GUP, NO and hobo magazine. They’re all quarterlies or biannuals, even annuals, and I’m careful to take my time to absorb them thoroughly. I picked up hobo magazine last July in Brooklyn and promptly lost myself within its pages. I was reading about topics I’d never taken an interest in before, learning about remarkable artists and musicians, underlining words and phrases and generally having my mind opened and horizons broadened. In the last year I’ve turned the pages of issue 13 over and over as I waited patiently for the next offering. Now it’s here and I find myself just as engrossed and enthralled.

Update: I have a feeling I’ll soon be adding new biannual Synonym to my list of ‘choice publications’. I just ordered issue 1…will report back.