cb + bee

by elizestrydom


I’ve put Clare Bowditch up on a pedestal, it’s true. The way I feel about her can be likened to a little girl who idolises her big sister and constantly tries to prove that she’s cool enough to hang with. From the moment I heard Divorcee By 23 (and convinced myself she wrote it just for me) I’ve been greedily gobbling up everything Ms Bowditch sings, says and shares. But why her and not one of the many other women currently singing and strumming on stage? I think it’s because of her authenticity, generosity and humbleness – rare and precious qualities. Her songs seem to say, “Here’s what I feel and observe and I have a sneaking suspicion that you know what I’m talking about. So why don’t we knock down our walls and take off our masks and just be real with each other?” There’s warmth and honesty and acceptance in her lyrics and her voice and her very presence. Plus she’s bloody funny and staggeringly gorgeous.

My love for Ms Bowditch was cemented when I saw her at the Factory Theatre a few weeks back. Aaand dear Bee was lucky enough to be hand picked to open the show!