a spark

by elizestrydom


How is it possible that a simple breakfast by a lake with two new friends was enough to fill my heart?

We rolled out the picnic rug and one by one, items were unpacked and a feast laid out. Liz offered homemade sourdough, grapefruit marmalade and relish while Sav and I brought muesli and summertime fruits. We lit a fire and eggs were cracked into a frying pan balancing over the flames. Water scooped from the lake was boiled and considered satisfactory for second cups of tea.

We took bites and sips while conversation weaved its way in between. The getting-to-know-you was in full swing; questions asked, information given, observations made, glances stolen.

The unexpected attention of someone eager to listen and learn and peel back layers. The warm glow of genuine connection.