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Month: December, 2012

way out west


Broken Hill, NSW

1. final resting place 2. rules were made to be broken 3. taken 4. help in the middle of nowhere 5. who dreams of mines? 6. two girls at the pool 7. hold on 8. just the essentials


let me tell you, brother, i just don’t know anymore


Dear Jonny is back in Sydney for summer after a year on the other side of the country. I’ve missed the socks off this boy. He’s my wise older sibling and my crazy kid brother all at once. Our conversations are mostly made up of questions. We want to understand the world and the people in it but it’s all very confusing. Summer days are long; we’ll keep talking.


you were there



Travelin’ solo “…holding my camera out at arm’s length to self document these new locations” – Josh Pyke The Lighthouse Song.



foodface – my friends and what they ate



1. Dave and his bacon beard at GG’s, Kirra Beach 2. Hannah at Gelato Messina, Surry Hills 3. Tracy at Kitchen By Mike, Rosebery 4. Monika at The Little Marionette, Annandale 5. Dom at Mecca Espresso, Ultimo 6. Ange at Reuben Hills, Surry Hills 7. Bee at Youeni, Darlinghurst. 8. Ky at the Art Gallery of NSW (eating incredible Pana Chocolate) 9. Lydia at GG’s, Kirra Beach 10. Ilich at GG’s, Kirra Beach.



guerilla gallery



A few months back I was told about a new photography exhibition and the other day I stumbled across it. But this wasn’t your average gallery show. This was a collection of 40 works by six Sydney photographers installed along an ugly street in the CBD without permission from the council. The story goes that they donned hi-vis vests (not unlike those worn by council workers) and placed their works between the gaps in the brickwork. I’d say city authorities saw what was going on but each one probably assumed that his or her superior had given the artists permission to set up this makeshift gallery. And so they got away with it…as they should have. Isn’t that neat?

As one of the photographers – Dean Sewell – says, ‘We can’t wait ’round to be delivered these opportunities, we need to make these opportunities for ourselves.’

Read more here and check out the incredible work of George Voulgaropoulos here.

in print



Earlier this year a bunch of photos taken by Justin Ealand (my dear friend and mentor) and I were published in ‘The Australian Wedding Book’. There’s something really special about seeing your images in print and imagining someone turning the pages of a book and stopping to appreciate a photo you’ve made. It’s pretty odd though, because as well as having my own images in the book there are also a few OF me as Justin shot my best friend Ali’s wedding and I was in the bridal party.