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Month: January, 2013



We saw him, in the nick of time.



since summer started


At the start of the season I declared this the Summer of Yes. Yes to adventure and spontaneity and new people and making the effort and being generous with my time and doing all of those ‘one day’ things. Time and time again I’ve been rewarded and challenged and proven wrong and it’s intoxicating! Perhaps the Summer of Yes will extend to the Year of Yes?


i am a tourist


There’s nothing like a visit from an out-of-towner to help you appreciate the city you live in. Roaming around with someone who sees your ‘hood with fresh eyes can have a profound effect on your sight, too.

The wonderful Mr Pham blew into town a few weeks back so we grabbed BC and set off on a Sydney adventure. First stop was dream come true cafe Bread and Circus where we filled up on coconut water, fresh fruit and quinoa pancakes…and a little chocolate coconut butter, too, mmm. Then we drove over the bridge (which excited Mr Pham no end) and up to Wahroonga to check out Rose Seidler House. I must admit, I wasn’t super keen to see this place but thought I’d indulge my architecture-mad companions. But as is so often the case with me, I was quickly enthralled and lapped up every little detail. This house and its history is utterly fascinating, plus it boasts gorgeous natural light and popping colour.

Quite the rookie error, I know, but I failed to pack enough film so this is where my documentation of the day ended. Luckily Mr Pham had his Canon on hand to capture our lunch at the pop up El Loco beside the Opera House, spin around the harbour in a speed boat and stroll through Anish Kapoor’s exhibition at the MCA.

See, being a tourist ain’t so bad.

triple j’s hottest 100


What were your favourite songs in 2012? Make a list and vote for ’em in the world’s largest musical democracy!

Here are my picks (in order):

1. sleeping ute – grizzly bear

2. hollywood forever cemetery sings – father john misty

3. ho hey – the lumineers

4. serpents – sharon van etten

5. coming down – anais mitchell…covered by bon iver for like a version

6. providence – lisa mitchell

7. sleepless – flume

8. r u mine? – arctic monkeys

9. dark star – polica

10. national anthem – lana del rey



Are you a fan of Girls? I sure am. I gobbled up season one so fast and you could bet a pretty penny that I’ve clicked on every single link to every single article/interview/qanda about or with Lena Dunham. In honour of Girls season two (the first ep aired in the States last night) as well as the two Golden Globes the show picked up yesterday, here are some recent snaps of my favourite girls*. Oh and while we’re at it, how could I not link to this song?


*not an exhaustive list of my favourites…some live far away…and some I just haven’t taken a photo of in a while!

little stevie


Her name’s not really Stevie, it’s Merryn Jeann. But when I met her, years ago, I thought ‘Stevie’ fit quite nicely. My goodness, this young one inspires me endlessly. She radiates warmth and joy, beauty and creativity.

One evening in December she put on a show in her Byron Bay backyard. Friends, family and fans were treated to a gorgeous set of original tunes under the stars followed by an Indian feast cooked by her dear mama. It was so special; a night I won’t soon forget. I’m excited about the journey little Stevie is on and where life will take her.

Check out her band potato potato.




Another year has begun, working with these crazy kids. I really am blessed to have a job that I love and to be able to spend each day with intelligent, creative folks. For years and years it was my dream to work at triple j and now I’m living it…wild!



1. dad on the jetty 2. a family of manta rays in the water below (not a bunch of plastic bags…as i initially thought)

i could never love you more


precious little e and her sweet mama