i am a tourist

by elizestrydom


There’s nothing like a visit from an out-of-towner to help you appreciate the city you live in. Roaming around with someone who sees your ‘hood with fresh eyes can have a profound effect on your sight, too.

The wonderful Mr Pham blew into town a few weeks back so we grabbed BC and set off on a Sydney adventure. First stop was dream come true cafe Bread and Circus where we filled up on coconut water, fresh fruit and quinoa pancakes…and a little chocolate coconut butter, too, mmm. Then we drove over the bridge (which excited Mr Pham no end) and up to Wahroonga to check out Rose Seidler House. I must admit, I wasn’t super keen to see this place but thought I’d indulge my architecture-mad companions. But as is so often the case with me, I was quickly enthralled and lapped up every little detail. This house and its history is utterly fascinating, plus it boasts gorgeous natural light and popping colour.

Quite the rookie error, I know, but I failed to pack enough film so this is where my documentation of the day ended. Luckily Mr Pham had his Canon on hand to capture our lunch at the pop up El Loco beside the Opera House, spin around the harbour in a speed boat and stroll through Anish Kapoor’s exhibition at the MCA.

See, being a tourist ain’t so bad.