on the road with jasmine holm

by elizestrydom


One day I found myself down an internet rabbit hole and stumbled upon the design portfolio of miss Jasmine Holm. I poured over the visual treats on offer and lingered when looking at ‘On The Road’. It was a photo book created by Jasmine that told the story of a family adventure around the US of A. A lover of film photography, she documented the trip using numerous old cameras; each with its own quirks and charms. After looking at the digital images over and over, I decided I simply had to get in touch with Jasmine and acquire a physical copy of my own. I sent an email explaining that I greatly appreciated the effort she had gone to in developing her photographs and arranging them on the pages of a book so as to tell a compelling visual story. These days it’s so easy to just take a bunch of photos and leave them as digital files, sitting somewhere inside your Mac. I reckon so much value is added to a photograph when it’s printed or placed in an album. In her sweet reply she explained that the book had been made for a uni assignment but that she would be happy to print another copy for me. I popped some money in her bank account and a few weeks later this little gem arrived in the post.