it’s possible

by elizestrydom


Is this what you want? Is it?! Because my best boy, Bee (aka Bayden Hine aka Packwood), is thiiis close to shedding another ten kilos and giving his body over to the fierce world of male modelling to make some moolah. You see, inside his head, heart and voice box, a magical collection of songs is buzzing about, positively brimming, and looking for an escape. He and his beloved banjo have grand plans for a stunningly beautiful four-part album thematically based around the four seasons. But this type of thing cannot simply be plucked from the air and seamlessly delivered to your ears. No, it requires dollars – money in the pocket, cash in the hand and scrilla in the wallet. I know, dear reader, that you possess impeccable taste and a well cultivated appreciation of innovative and beautiful art and so I ask you to dig deep and find it in your heart to head over to Pozible and support Packwood’s project.

Surely you can see the benefit in saving this dear boy from a career on the catwalk*?

* Or K-Mart catalogue.  ImageImage