usa a-ok!

by elizestrydom

ImageIn exactly one month I will be flying to the US of A to do this. And you know what? I’m so excited I may just burst. I don’t know what it is that keeps me going back to this country but it has an undeniable pull. It’s not just the States I’m excited about, it’s that intoxicating and potent mix that makes up the travel experience; wonder, adventure, loneliness, invincibility, inspiration and perspective. I cannot wait to roam new streets for hours on end, taking photos of whatever catches my eye, striking up conversations with perfect strangers, and pausing on park benches for a spot of people watching or journalling. I’m looking forward to a fresh set of eyes, an alert and open mind and a big hit of courage and creativity. I can’t wait to meet my Small Town Girls and receive whatever it is they’re bound to teach me. One month, four and a bit weeks, 31 days…Godspeed!