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Month: June, 2013



While in Portland, I had the pleasure of meeting the Kinfolk team and spending some time with the little lady in charge of Gathering & Community Engagement, Julie Pointer. It was wonderful to be in the company of such a warm and genuine person with a heart for relationships and meaningful connection.

portland, it’s local

ImageAt first, Hannah and I struggled to ‘get’ Portland. She landed before me, fresh from a jaunt in Hawaii and a few days playing in San Francisco. As I sat at LAX, waiting to board my flight, a text with lots of exclamation marks popped up on my phone. Hannah described the city as ‘all fir trees and mist!’. She’d checked into our room at the Ace Hotel and was off to explore. A few hours later when I, the weary traveller, arrived, she thrust a bright pink box into my hands: Voodoo Donuts. Mmm, what a welcome.

Over the next three days we tried to figure the place out. Who lived here? Where did they hang out? What did they do when the sun went down? Hannah charted our course; little stars on a map signifying a bar, vintage store, or tattoo parlour we just had to check out. We hopped on our bikes and made our way across, around, over and above ol’ Portland town. We talked to its people, ate at its restaurants, listened to its bands, patted its dogs and picked its raspberries. We met super friendly folks at Beam & Anchor, Yo Vintage!, Kinfolk, Coava, Backtalk, Lowell (thanks for the coffee!) and got the good vibes at Liberty Glass, Sweet Hereafter, Gravy, Powell’s Books, Doug Fir and the Farmer’s Market. Each street we rode down and each cocktail we sipped helped us fall for the place just a little bit harder. By the time we collapsed into an airport taxi (after an epic all night-er) Portland had well and truly made its mark and secured a spot in our hearts.

35mm film developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab in Hollywood. Thanks!


oh hey, usa

I made it to the States! I’ll be posting photos from my adventure here as I get them developed but if you care for more up to the minute snaps, feel free to follow along on Instagram x 

tiny beautiful things


My two best friends, Taryn and Ali, gave birth to beautiful little ones just weeks apart. Vienna Zosia came first followed by little Mosko man. It’s an incredible thing to watch the women you love most become mothers. And what wonderful mothers they are.


foodface – my friends and what they ate (part two)


Tired of seeing food photographed in the same way time and time again, I decided to have some fun with my lunch dates and what was on their plate. The result was a little series called ‘foodface‘…and now it’s time for part two!


1. Mr Pham // 2. Emma // 3. BC // 4. Stef // 5. Tal // 6. Juz // 7. GDM // 8. Leah