red, white and blue

by elizestrydom

ImagePeople keep asking me what Australians think of (north) Americans. ‘How would you describe us?’ ‘Patriotic,’ I reply. ‘You seem so sure of where you’ve come from and who you are as a nation.’ I think Australians are uncomfortable with patriotism; I know I am. Isn’t it a bit arrogant? Should I be proud of my country’s history? What makes up our national identity anyway? When I see the Aussie flag I can’t help but think of bogans with Southern Cross tattoos and ‘we grew here, you flew here’ stickers on the back of their cars. Pretty sad, huh? That said, being away from home and immersing myself in another culture has given me much more clarity on the issue. And my little identity crisis certainly didn’t stop me celebrating the Fourth of July with Small Town Girl subject Jenn in Ohio.

35mm film developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab in Hollywood. Thanks!