by elizestrydom

ImageLook, I’m no good at thrift-shopping. I walk into the store with high hopes, set on finding some vintage gem that everyone else has overlooked. I start sorting through the racks of pre-loved garments with the best of intentions. But I lose interest…fast. I don’t have the eye, don’t have the stamina. I give up and go to the store next door instead, the one with ‘vintage inspired’ dresses that cost ten times as much. I guess I need my second hand threads curated. That’s where Portland’s Backtalk comes in. Never before have I seen such a good mix of affordable vintage, locally made and brand new clothes and jewellery. My friend Hannah and I stumbled on Backtalk when we were biking around the city’s Mississippi District last month. We struck up a conversation with the gorgeous Katie – store owner and jewellery maker – who gave us tips on where to eat, drink and shop in Portland. We exchanged band recommendations, too. Now I just need to hire her to be my personal shopper and I’ll never have to set foot in another op-shop again!