strangeways in bushwick

by elizestrydom

ImageWhen I visited NYC in 2009, cupcakes were all the rage. Magnolia Bakery cupcakes to be precise. Then during my stay in the summer of 2011 it was all about ice cream. Who could come up with the most attention grabbing combination? Pear and blue cheese! Sweet corn and black raspberries! Strawberry honey balsamic and black pepper, if you don’t mind! When I was in the city a few weeks back it was clear that doughnuts were the latest must-have for mouths. I jumped on that bandwagon quick smart and made daily trips to Doughnut Plant. I then read about rival, Dough, and decided I needed to sample their offerings, too. All in the name of balance, you see. One morning while strolling around Bushwick I saw a sandwich board sign with the magic words on it: ‘Dough doughnuts served here’. YES. The cafe I’d stumbled upon was Strangeways Coffee. And what a find it was! I ordered a dulce de leche and toasted almond doughnut (though I was tempted by mojito with candied mint leaf and lemon with olive oil and thyme, decisions decisions) and mentioned my food trend observations to the barista, Eddy. He agreed and added quinoa and kale to the list. The topic turned to coffee and he asked why Aussies are so particular when it comes to black gold. Really, Eddy? Are we having that conversation? I let it slide and he let me take some snaps around the cafe. Thanks, Eddy! Oh and the doughnut was to die for. The juice fast starts when I get back to Sydney…