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Month: October, 2013


My brother Andre and his little family.



‘Maybe we were wrong to let it go. Maybe we were wrong to keep it so long’ – Malleable Beings by The Paper Kites.

I’ve been listening to ‘States’ pretty much nonstop.



While I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to enter the world of traditional fashion photography, from time to time I do enjoy grabbing a gorgeous gal and taking a few pretty pictures. This is my dear friend Amelia on our friend Ange’s rooftop. The end-of-the-roll shots below feature Dan (going far too close to the edge for my liking!) and Ange’s awesome ‘backyard’.




My nieces Oak, Olive and Mosa live up on the north coast, by the beach. I don’t see them nearly as much as I’d like to but the times we do spend together are always so sweet (and tiring…where do they get all that energy?). Many of my friends have little ones and I love them dearly but somehow it’s different – deeper, I guess – when the kids in question are your own flesh and blood.


an ending (until next time)


A few days ago I received the last lot of Small Town Girl USA film scans from Richard Photo Lab. I felt a mixture of relief and accomplishment plus a little sadness, too. It’s complete – hooray! It’s over* – boo! As I was scrolling through the images this shot of Jenn from New Albany, Ohio, stopped me in my tracks. You see, Jenn is a competent and confident young woman. She’s whip smart, creative, gorgeous, talented and driven. She’s 12 years my junior yet it was like we were the exact same age – at times I even felt like the teenager! But in this photo I’m reminded that she is so very young with a lifetime of adventure, love, growth and learning ahead of her. I’m not implying that she’s innocent and naive, but that she was a child just a few short years ago and it’s easy to forget that. Dear little Jenn, beautiful inside and out.

* The STG USA project isn’t technically over. I plan to go back to the States again next year to photograph/live with four more girls. I’m hoping to find an ethnically diverse group of teenagers; perhaps an African American girl and a Native American girl. Meanwhile, I’m aiming to exhibit the STG USA story so far in Sydney next February or March. I’ll keep you posted…