lighter living

by elizestrydom


Hi there, new year! I was going to do one of those ‘2013 in review’ posts but to be honest, I’m just not feeling it. I used to be quite a conscientious past-preserver but lately I’ve experienced the joys of letting go of such detailed documentation and I’ve started to ignore the ‘need’ to stay connected to a huge cast of acquaintances. Instagram was one of the first casualties. I wasted far too much time scrolling through the feeds of friends AND strangers, constantly comparing, obsessing and feeling inadequate. No thanks. I had the same problem with Facebook before I deleted my account 18 or so months ago. Of course, my decision is not for everyone. Some people really enjoy social media and are able to simply have fun. Not me. I get overwhelmed interacting and maintaining relationships with such a large number of people. It just comes back to the ol’ quality over quantity. So, 2014: the year of letting go and living light(er); getting rid of the junk – the destructive thought patterns, the perceived expectations of others, the unhealthy efforts to fit in –  that’s weighing me down and preventing me from living my best life. You’ll probably see me here a little more. I’ve become so fond of sharing images and ideas in this space. At times I feel as though I’m talking to myself but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I reckon that if you do something primarily for yourself it’s more likely to be authentic and unique.