about life

by elizestrydom


My dear friend Liz is currently over the seas with her mister. She’s taking pictures with a camera that keeps letting too much light in and writing words that make me feel as though I am alongside her, every time I read her blog. I really like blogs like Liz’s. There’s no specific theme and the posts are all about her life, real life. If a blogger a) takes photos on film and b) writes honestly and openly about their life, then you can pretty much guarantee I’ll bookmark the page and check back often. Lots of blogs focus on fashion, food, photography, parenting etc. – which is totally fine –  but I’m drawn to accounts of the personal, day to day stuff. Here are some of my favourites: Rose & Crown, Schorlemaedchen and Something From My Day. I’m sure there are others that I’m not aware of so if you have some suggestions please comment and let me know!