a trip to the flower markets

by elizestrydom


My dear little Lee is a budding florist (yeah, I said it) and just before Christmas I joined her on one of her thrice weekly trips to the Sydney flower market. In a warehouse about half an hour out of the city I was exposed to a buzzing little microcosm full of anomalies. Big burly blokes tenderly cradling bunches of blooms and fiery florists competing for Christmas bush. I tried to stay out of the way and observe the fascinating scenes playing out around me. At times I was too engrossed in the goings on to actually take a photo so the shots here represent the quieter moments of an otherwise frenetic hour or so. Watching Lee do her thang showed me a side of her I’d not seen before. She is genuinely in love with flowers and so excited about what she can create. It’s impossible for her to hide her delight as she spots the perfect addition to the bouquet she’s already arranged in her head. It really is a treat to witness. So Lee, thanks for letting me tag along…and take your picture at 5:30am!