one week

by elizestrydom


Work drinks at ‘an old man pub’ (accordng to Hannah) + a dusk walk through my neighbourhood. Eveleigh markets + a catch up with Maddy + a Surry Hills stroll + Crooks vs Hoops + a trek down south to a rave in a WWII bunker + dancing until dawn with Hannah. An epic brunch at Salvage with Rach + Louis + Lee + a picnic on Observatory Hill + cricket + Love Actually. An early morning trip to the flower markets + a surf at Palm Beach followed by a skate at Manly + pizza at Hugo’s + a Christmas present exchange + The Perks of Being a Wallflower. A flight up north + reconnecting with mum, Andre, Chris, dad, Tan + a dance party in the kitchen with my niece. A three day headache + a lump in my throat + a sore heart + dark thoughts + I wish things were different. A drive further north to my old stomping ground + two hours to myself in a cafe, reading and observing then a text that told me something I didn’t want to hear + a teary drive to the arms of my best friend. Three days of swimming, eating, board games, babies + all the while thinking about that text + wrestling with a transition that I didn’t seem to want but definitely needed. Finally a breakthrough, cliched as it sounds, + a realisation that I really did want to let go + and a feeling of freedom that I’d forgotten I could feel. Yeah, a lot can happen in a week off work.


Thanks to my girl Taryn for the last three shots!