to market

by elizestrydom


I live across the road from Carriageworks/the Eveleigh Markets but I’ve barely popped in since moving here last November because: work. However, I was able to go earlier this month and I’ll be there again this Saturday with bells on. Farmers’/growers’ markets are my happy place.

Families, couples, kids and hip young thangs strolling around, coffee in hand, filling their French baskets with #fresh #natural #organic produce, homemade relish, cheese and bread while cradling bright blooms wrapped in brown paper. It’s all about inner city dwellers making meaningful connections with their food producers, carefully considering what they put in their bodies and mentally planning the feasts they’ll prepare and the friends they’ll invite to sit at the long table in their candlelit courtyard later that night.

Yeah, I know, these words could be pulled straight from the pages of ‘Stuff White People Like’ but it’s…stuff… I, um, like. The Saturday morning markets contain all the elements for simple satisfaction: a shared experience involving a day off work + coffee + flowers + friendly human interaction + food + plans for more human interaction involving food = happiness. It’s what we were made for. What’s not to love?