olive and oak

elize strydom's photo journal

Month: May, 2014

sunset moonrise


My nieces, Olive and Oak, collecting shells on Woolgoolga beach at sunset/moonrise last Thursday. 

green eyes


I got some film scans back yesterday and noticed I’d made a lot of green pictures. Here are some of my favourites:

1. Rolling hills somewhere near Coffs Harbour // 2. Dan hidden in Surry Hills // 3. Lyss’s plants at Emerald Beach // 4. A vine that climbed over a wall in Surry Hills // 5. Construction workers moving a plant in Ultimo

Honey, you should know that I could never go on without you.



I have some photos in an upcoming group show – ‘Vital’ – and got to be part of the little promo video. It was filmed in Mike and Deb’s apartment on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Deb was the awesome director/producer/lender of the sweater I’m wearing while Bec Wright shot and edited. Check it out here.   

a long time yet


He took a chance on a gushing girl in her early 20s and has spent the last six years, nearly seven, teaching me pretty much everything he knows. He’s been absolutely instrumental in my development as a photographer and as a person. Our conversations are equal parts photography and life. His considered words always wise and exactly what I need to hear, even if I don’t realise it at the time. Men like Justin are rare: gentle, kind, insightful, humble, humorous, teachable, authentic and strong. I am extremely grateful to know him and call him my friend. Time and time again, Justin and beautiful Kirsten, Jarrah and Mali have opened their treetop home to me and made me feel welcome – Kirst always ready with a cup of tea and a plate of food as well as a listening ear and that ability to make me feel like a loved and worthwhile person. My life/work in Sydney has made it harder and harder to travel north to shoot weddings for Bushturkey Studio which means I don’t see Justin and his family as often as I’d like to but as he said the last time we spoke, ‘I see no ending today…just a continuation of a friendship that will last a long time yet.’   



sugar mountain


It was the idea of the train trip, of rugging up, of wandering tree lined streets and breathing in the cold mountain air that appealed to me. It was one line from ‘We Looked Like Giants‘ by Death Cab for Cutie, it was the memory of my last trip to Katoomba, with Ange, on our way to her hometown for the weekend and it was Tim’s photos/Rach’s words from a 2012 blog post. Lee changed her plans and made it to Central exactly one minute before our train left the station. We wound our way up the mountain, stepped out onto the platform pulling scarfs and beanies from of our backpacks as the crisp, sweet air greeted us for the first time in a year. And so we walked. The time and space meant our conversation had room to twist and turn, go back on itself, expand and dig deep. I learnt new things about my friend, my understanding grew and the silent breaks in conversation felt just as natural as when the words were floating through the air between us. A photo, walk a little further, another photo, look at that! what’s down here? another photo, chattering teeth, warm relief, scones and jam and cream and tea. I’ll always choose summer over winter, but on this chilly, grey day it was like all I’d ever wanted was this chilly, grey day. 



By the by, Meg has a wonderful blog that goes by the name Sugar Mountain, too.