your fault, san francisco

by elizestrydom


This place has my heart. If you’ve seen me lately then this statement will come as no surprise. Yep, I’m that annoying girl who won’t shut up about a city she visited on her vacation. As if I’m the first person to have ever been enamoured by the combination of pastel coloured houses and crisp, sunny days and water views and light filled cafes and impossibly steep hills and the fog and towering pines and the best tacos and new friends and late nights and intoxicating possibilities and taking the long way back, hesitant towards home. I’m insufferable right now, I know. The sighs, the wistful looks off into the middle distance, the refusal to share certain details of my trip or recount certain stories, burying them in my journal or typing some note and storing it in the depths of my phone for fear that once it’s spoken, it’s gone. Your fault, San Francisco. Your fault. 




1// Ex-Sydney gal Chloe was my SF spirit guide and made my visit oh so special xx. Seriously, someone should pay her to show hip young thangs around the city. 2// Sightglass in the Mission District was my coffee/cafe of choice 4// I’m no good at taking photos of landmarks, landscapes or vistas. I only took one shot of the Golden Gate Bridge and it was lacklustre at best so you’ll probably never see it. Do a Google Image search instead! 7// Camera Obscura! My friend Jake pointed me in the right direction but for some reason it was closed that day. Boo. 11// I got a little ink from Candi Kinyobi at Tuesday Tattoo and was so so impressed by her skill, professionalism and manner. She was warm and gentle and explained every step of the process. If you’re in SF and want a tattoo, take a trip to Outer Sunset and track her down! 12-13-14// While you’re on Judah Street, check out the General Store, get a coffee at Trouble and eat at Outerlands. Mmm, what a combo. Take me back. 15-16-17// I find the best way to explore a new city is on foot. Just wander. Turn down any street that takes your fancy. You never know, you might find a guy selling watermelon from the back of a truck. 20// Chloe used to work for Aesop and her room is just littered with beautiful brown bottles and jars of face and body product perfection.

Special thanks to the lovely miss Jasmine Holm for many wonderful SF tips, too ❤ 

All photos developed and scanned at Richard Photo Lab in Hollywood, CA