by elizestrydom

Tomorrow I’m flying to my magical happy place: New Zealand. I’m tagging along with one of my best friends, Lyndal, who scored the trip as a thank you from the travel blog she writes for. I’ve been dreaming of getting back there since my first visit more than two years ago. We’re flying into Christchurch then driving down to Queenstown then…exploring, adventuring, day tripping…generally being wide eyed kids in a wonderous winterland, you know. There’s nothing I love more. I’m so very grateful for yet another trip away and the chance to run free with my bestie. What a life, huh? Meanwhile in Gaza, right? It’s strange to spend my work days reading and writing stories about death and destruction, abuse and adversity, power and politics then leaving for the day to go spend time with my friends eating out, skating, taking photos, visiting artisan markets or hanging at the beach. We’ve got it good, real good, and I’m thankful.