try hard

by elizestrydom


A few weeks ago I took the plunge and bought a Leica. I’ve always thought Leicas were reserved for super serious street photographers or people with bags and bags of money. I simply didn’t think I ‘deserved’ one. Somewhere along the line I saw the error in this logic and started researching rangefinders. I decided to go with an M6 with a 50mm Ziess lens. When I hold it, I’m reminded of the feeling of holding a tiny kitten so its nickname is Kitty. (Strange, I know.) Here are some images from my first roll – just simple stuff to start with, I’ll get more experimental once I know what I’m doing. I’m still getting used to a manual focus lens – I’m so slow! – and I’m pretty pretty sure I loaded two rolls of film incorrectly but hey, it’s all part of the film photography FUN, right? This post features Amelia, Steph and Brendan. Plus Rach’s fridge in our kitchen.