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Poor, poor lovesick child

There’s still fire in your belly

And your heart is still wild

– ‘Little Whiskey’ by Angus and Julia Stone.

Their new self titled album is a dream. It was produced by Rick Rubin and almost didn’t happen. I’m so glad it did. Pretty sure it’ll become the soundtrack to this week’s New Zealand trip.


Tomorrow I’m flying to my magical happy place: New Zealand. I’m tagging along with one of my best friends, Lyndal, who scored the trip as a thank you from the travel blog she writes for. I’ve been dreaming of getting back there since my first visit more than two years ago. We’re flying into Christchurch then driving down to Queenstown then…exploring, adventuring, day tripping…generally being wide eyed kids in a wonderous winterland, you know. There’s nothing I love more. I’m so very grateful for yet another trip away and the chance to run free with my bestie. What a life, huh? Meanwhile in Gaza, right? It’s strange to spend my work days reading and writing stories about death and destruction, abuse and adversity, power and politics then leaving for the day to go spend time with my friends eating out, skating, taking photos, visiting artisan markets or hanging at the beach. We’ve got it good, real good, and I’m thankful.

land of the bloody unknown


Back in late November 2013, Dan and I got in the car and drove over 13 hours west to a town called Broken Hill. I spent a week there in December 2012 shooting the Small Town Girl project (some photos from that trip here and here) and this time I was there to hang the photos for my exhibition at the Regional Gallery. Rural Australia fascinates and frightens me: the breathtaking land of the bloody unknown where a quiet and complex melancholia pervades.


^^ Dan preparing our dinner on the bonnet of an old car.


^^ Setting up at the gallery. It was such a thrill! The staff were super professional and treated me like a real artist which felt a little funny. Lovely Dan kept reassuring me that my work deserved to be there just as much as the work of artists I consider to be ‘real’. Oh, Dan 🙂



Dear Lee on holiday in North Haven, NSW. Click on the photo to enlarge it – I reckon it looks better big.

foodface – my friends and what they ate (part two)


Tired of seeing food photographed in the same way time and time again, I decided to have some fun with my lunch dates and what was on their plate. The result was a little series called ‘foodface‘…and now it’s time for part two!


1. Mr Pham // 2. Emma // 3. BC // 4. Stef // 5. Tal // 6. Juz // 7. GDM // 8. Leah

around here

ImageAround here winter is coming. Around here I’m slowly but surely making my way through seasons 1 + 2 of GoT. Around here I’m feeling distracted and weirdly emotionally neutral. Around here I’m getting inspired by the colours and quirks of my neighbourhood again. Around here friendships are deepening. I really think things are gonna change around here but I’m not sure what that will look/feel like. Bee’s not around here anymore; he left town. Around the internet I joined Instagram.


middle of the month mix – april


So, I pretty much wanted James Blake’s Overgrown to BE this month’s mix. Seriously, it’s that good. But that would hardly be fair to all of the other wonderful sounds and songs that floated into my ears now, would it? This month it’s a mix of old and new songs plus old songs that are new to me. Lord Huron is the only brand new discovery (thanks to Benn!) and what a discovery it is. I threw in the incredible Jai Paul mainly because BTSTU is an absolutely cracking tune (definitely in my top 10 tracks of all time) but also because of all of the controversy surrounding the release/leak of his debut album. Tiff by the incredible Polica was only released today and it’s an instant favourite because Justin Vernon (duh). Lacey Cole is a local lad I had the pleasure of checking out at Arcadia a few weeks back and the last song by Anais Mitchell tells a heartbreaking story in a really beautiful way. Enjoy the mix here!

1. riptide – vance joy

2. you can’t be my girl – darwin deez

3. stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before – the smiths

4. son of a gun – lord huron

5. the seed (2.0) feat. cody chestnutt – the roots

6.  btstu – jai paul

7. tiff feat. justin vernon – polica

8. our love comes back – james blake

9. comatose firelight – lacey cole

10. shepherd – anais mitchell

to the wonder


Had someone sat me down a year ago and told me what was in store, I think it’s safe to say I would have opted right out, thank you very much. 2012 has been damn hard – the hardest yet. You think you have a pretty good idea about how life and relationships work and then someone or something comes along and hits you for six and you realise you barely know a thing, least of all your own self. But somehow you go on, one foot in front of the other, and gradually the darkness fades and life opens up to you again in a really beautiful way. And now I am brimming; full of hope, expectation and hunger. My heart’s in the strangest place but it’s wonderful;  transformation is happening. I’m ever so curious to see where my mind will go and what’s on the distant shore. Given to the wonder.

12 of my favourite photos from 2012 and the best song about the new year there is.