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the boy from wellington street


march mf

ImageImageImageA few recent medium format portraits.

Lydia at Bread and Circus // A store holder at the Rozelle Markets // Kate at Brickfields

catch the sun


Thinking about: how perfect the March weather was.

Listening to: Vance Joy and his heart warming little tune ‘Riptide’.

mr. popular


Whenever I take Yashi out to play, people stop us in the street and ask, ‘Does it work?’ ‘How old is it?’ ‘Can you still buy film for that?’ To which I answer, ‘Yes, very well’ ‘About 50’ and ‘Of course! It’s expensive but worth every cent’. I’ve been trying out a bunch of different cameras lately but I keep coming back to this one. It’s such fun to use and produces beautiful images. Thank you, little Yashi.

1. lacey and matt 2. matt and lee


way out west


Broken Hill, NSW

1. final resting place 2. rules were made to be broken 3. taken 4. help in the middle of nowhere 5. who dreams of mines? 6. two girls at the pool 7. hold on 8. just the essentials

self (E)


new slang


Ange in her new hood, new house, new room.

lunch club


Starting work at 5am and finishing at 1pm means the middle of the day is the perfect time for me to grab a bite out. Wanna be my lunch date?

1. Bee at the Veggie Patch Van, Victoria Park 2. Grace at The Grounds, Alexandria 3. Stef at On The Green, Camperdown 4. Maddy at Envy Cafe and Gallery, Summer Hill 5. Lynny at Reuben Hills, Surry Hills 6. Ange at Bourke St Bakery, Surry Hills 7. Faith at the park across the road, Camperdown 8. Lee at Single Origin, Surry Hills 9. Grace at The Grounds again, ’cause she’s a cutie.

behind the scenes


Working on a fun (and soon-to-be-revealed) project for Etsy

some of us


At the Marionette