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I was stoked to discover that someone on the other side of the world wrote something lovely about this very blog. Thanks, Bijan! When I post my pictures and type my words, I must admit, I’m not thinking about how many people I’ll inspire or encourage. But it is quite heartening to know that my captures/ramblings are resonating. I’m trying my best to use this space to express my most authentic self and speak my heart as truthfully as possible – forget judgement, forget trends and what’s socially acceptable, forget trying to be what I think others think I should be. If that ends up being an inspiring thing then hooray!

Meanwhile, this week I’m getting serious about planning my next US trip and lining up some Small Town Girls to stay with/photograph. Tickets have been purchased – I fly out June 9 – and I may or may not have just booked four days at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs to kick off the adventure. After that it’s down to business though, I swear!



My brother Andre and his little family.

luck now


this just made me cry

ImageDear, you know there’s time for us. I haven’t dreamt a night without you. Oh, I hope you’re somewhere having a good time. – Lisa Mitchell, I Know You’re Somewhere

I keep thinking about how I’m not thinking about you. 


Bee at the Nourishing Quarter on a rainy night in September.

come back, springtime




Youeni // Surry Hills + Woolworths // Parkes