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Month: March, 2013

mr. popular


Whenever I take Yashi out to play, people stop us in the street and ask, ‘Does it work?’ ‘How old is it?’ ‘Can you still buy film for that?’ To which I answer, ‘Yes, very well’ ‘About 50’ and ‘Of course! It’s expensive but worth every cent’. I’ve been trying out a bunch of different cameras lately but I keep coming back to this one. It’s such fun to use and produces beautiful images. Thank you, little Yashi.

1. lacey and matt 2. matt and lee


small town girl


I grew up in a small town cut through the middle by a wide river, its two sides joined by a bendy bridge. I didn’t think the life I lived was anything special; I just did my thing and that was that. It’s only now with a bit of hindsight that I realise how unique those years on the cusp really were. Alive with possibility and yearning and so completely raw.

In 2012 I set out on a photographic journey of remembering and discovery. What’s it like to grow big in a small town? I was asking that question of myself as well as my four subjects; Jannah in Broken Hill, Savannah in Parkes, Emily in Grafton and Merryn in Byron Bay. I wanted my memories of adolescence both validated and challenged.

In June this year a selection of the images will be exhibited as part of the Head On Photo Festival in Sydney. And after entering them in the Qantas Spirit of Youth Award for photography I was named runner up.

Now, Small Town Girl is leaving home. On June 13 I will fly to the US of A and spend two months there, photographing the lives of teenage girls in Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, Indiana, Maine, Mississippi and Texas. The thing is, I haven’t found my girls yet. Can you help?

I’m looking for a girl (aged between 13-19) who lives in a town with a population of 20, 000 or less in each of the states listed above. I’ll live with her and her family/flatmates for a week and follow her around, taking fly-on-the-wall style photos.

If you’re interested or if you know someone who knows someone who knows a teenage girl who fits the bill, then please comment here or email me for more details: elizestrydom@live.com.au Feel free to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and any of your other networks. Many thanks!


i’ve got a city love


Happy birthday to my beautiful flatmate and friend, Lydia xx

middle of the month mix – march


Well, well, well end of February/start of March, haven’t you been a cheeky little month for music? I’ve been really excited about a few tunes in particular. Namely, Royals by 16 year old Kiwi kid, Lorde. I was on my way to a party when I heard it on Good Nights with Linda and literally had to pull over, turn the car around and drive home so I could download it (no, I don’t own a smartphone…yeah, I know). The whole night I was itching to get back to my bedroom so I could listen to it again…and again. Step Out For a While by Patrick Watson was another fortuitous find. If Matt Corby and Grizzly Bear got together and had a baby, this is what it would sound like. And as I mentioned recently, Liarbird by The Growl is a gravelly, soulful banger of a tune that I fell for instantly. Enjoy the mix here here here!

1. liarbird – the growl

2. royals – lorde

3. falling – haim

4. t.r.o.u.b.l.e – abbe may

5. mind mischief – tame impala

6. when yesterday’s gone – hungry kids of hungary

7. needle – born ruffians

8. global concepts – robert delong (language warning! language warning!)

9. step out for a while – patrick watson

10. heavy feet – local natives

birthday girl


One of my favourite favourites turned 24 yesterday. Damn, I love this girl. She has crammed a whole lotta living into those few years and faced some hectic challenges along the way. I admire her intelligence and wit, her voracious appetite for living and feeling, her energy and playfulness and her uncanny ability to store the lyrics to every Kanye, Jay-Z, Kendrick etc. song  in her noggin and spit them out on demand. Happy birthday, Angie girl x


ImageDear, you know there’s time for us. I haven’t dreamt a night without you. Oh, I hope you’re somewhere having a good time. – Lisa Mitchell, I Know You’re Somewhere

the day


Gracie’s wedding dress, jewellery and perfume // Having her make up done in our kitchen



I want a long communal table with bench seats, stained with red wine and remnants of the many meals shared across its surface. I want a veggie garden and a row of little succulents, a cat and a dog, a beautiful record player and art on the walls. I want the the same address for more than two years. I want something solid and reliable and known and safe; a refuge. I want a direction to head in. I want shared history and a future together. Enough of this uncertainty, this waiting.

dance yrself clean


little one


Missing my littles today xx